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By the sheeple, for the people.

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Built on Node.js and native bindings to nghttp2, the same high-performance library used by Apache and Curl.

100% free and open source software (FOSS). With a commercially sustainable software as a service (SaaS) to fund R&D.

$ npx @commonshost/cli deploy Deploying: Directory: /website/public File count: 83 Total size: 254 kB URL: Options: /website/commonshost.conf.js Manifest: /website/serverpush.json Uploading Deployment successful!

Key Features

Points of Presence

UAE, Dubai Switzerland, Bern Germany, Frankfurt Indonesia, Jakarta India, Bangalore India, Vijayawada Japan, Tokyo Lithuania, Vilnius Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Singapore Thailand, Udon Thani UK, London UK, Manchester USA, Atlanta USA, Dallas USA, Newark USA, Los Angeles USA, San Jose Vietnam, Can Tho

Currently active and in-progress CDN edge servers:

These PoPs are sponsored and hosted by the Commons Host community.

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